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Quick Guide to Ethics CORE

How do I find articles, videos, or syllabi in Ethics CORE?

You can use the "Search within Ethics CORE" box on the top right side of most web pages or browse using the links under "Resources" on the menu bar.

Is Ethics CORE just for academic faculty?

No, we collect and create resources for five groups of users: undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, instructors, administrators, and practicing scientists and researchers. Links to customized starting pages are available for each audience group on the top right of the Ethics CORE home page, in the drop box labeled "Hello, I am a...".

Do I have to be a registered user in order to use the site?

No. Most materials on the site are completely public. However, you cannot contribute materials or create a discussion group unless you are a registered user.

How do I register?

Click "Register" on the top right corner of most pages, or just click here and fill out the form.

What information do I have to provide in order to register as an Ethics CORE user?

Only your name and e-mail address are required. The registration form also allows you to provide additional information that can be useful for networking.

What are discussion groups?

Discussion groups are communities within Ethics CORE where users with similar interests can discuss specific topics and share resources. For example, a Postdoc group provides postdoctoral scholars with a wiki, discussion board, blog, and message space for asking one another questions, posting news or other relevant links, etc. If you are interested in a subject or issue for which no Ethics CORE group currently exists, you can start your own. You have to be a registered Ethics CORE member in order to officially belong to a group, although you don't always have to be registered to participate in group dialogues—some groups make their discussion board topics and group resources available to everyone. Read more about Ethics CORE groups here.

How can I learn about the research and social web tools available on Ethics CORE?

Click on the "Support" tab in the menu bar and select the link "Using Ethics CORE Web Features," or just click here.