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Withdrawal Policy

All content on the Ethics CORE is loosely moderated and will be periodically reviewed for suitability. Ethics CORE reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any resources that do not match general parameters of research and scholarship or do not reflect the intellectual environment of Ethics CORE. Examples include plagiarism, copyright violation, or falling outside the scope of the Ethics CORE collection.

Requests for Withdrawal

Some resources in Ethics CORE are collected and deposited by members of the team, while others freely supplied by registered users of the CORE using the upload form at Regardless of the way the resource was acquired, only Ethics CORE administrators can remove documents and other resources from the site. If you wish to have a resource removed from Ethics CORE, please use the "Report a Problem" feature on the site ( Please provide the title and author of the work and the reason you are requesting its removal.

Decision Process

Request by the original contributor: When a person who contributed a resource to the site requests its removal, the request will be granted in most cases. Please allow up to 48 hours for the document to be removed from public access.

Request by a third party: When a person requests the removal of a resource that someone else contributed to the site, two moderators will review the request and the resource in question. Together they will decide whether the request should be granted or denied.

Withdrawal Process

When the decision to remove a resource from the site is made, a site administrator will contact the contributor of the resource and/or the person who made the request after the document has been removed from the collection. Files will not be permanently deleted from the database, but rather "unpublished" and kept in an archival file for historical and documentation purposes.

When a request for a removal is denied, a site administrator will contact the requestor to inform him/her of the decision and the reason(s) that the resource is being retained in the collection.

Appeal Process

Users may appeal the removal of a resource from the Ethics CORE collection. Please use the "Report a Problem" feature on the Ethics CORE website ( In the message, please provide the title and author of the work and the reason(s) for the appeal. The appeal will be given to a panel of three moderators who were not involved in the original decision to remove the resource from Ethics CORE. These new moderators will review the material, the reason for its initial removal, and the appeal for reinstatement to the Ethics CORE collection. The decision of this appeal panel will be considered final.

Last Revised August 16, 2011.