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Evaluating and Reviewing Educational Content


The Education strand in the Ethics CORE (Collaborative Online Resource Environment) project is not just concerned with the collection of instructional materials and resources. We want this to be a user-generated site. We want the materials to be organized in ways that will help users of the site find the materials they need, and we want them to be evaluated in authentic and meaningful ways so that users can find exemplary materials.

A User-Driven Resource

We have tried to develop a model that takes advantage of both crowd-sourced creation, submission, and evaluation of new educational materials, along with materials accessed from other existing repositories of scientific and engineering ethics. We want users to see this as their site, which they have helped build.

First, any user can upload course materials they want to share with others (syllabi, course materials, bibliographies, case studies, exercises, etc.)

Click here for directions on how to submit education materials.

These will be maintained with full attribution of the original source under a Creative Commons license. Ethics CORE staff will review the materials broadly to be sure they are suitable to the site, and then they will be made immediately available. Tags and other identifying criteria for the resource will, preferably, be identified by their creator.

Click here for information about Creative Commons and our intellectual property policies.

We have over 5000 items in our collection already.

Second, we are interested in short essays that we call "Perspectives on Teaching Ethics," short reflective pieces on your experiences teaching professional and research ethics.

Click here for directions on submitting your reflection piece.

Evaluation and Featured Materials

A central feature of our model is an extensive capability for users to comment on and evaluate materials from the site. This "bottom up" strand of evaluation is one of three ways in which we are making the site an exemplary model of instruction and evaluation.

A second strand is peer-reviewed evaluations of selected educational and publication materials, in order to be able to feature a "best of" subset of the enormous range of materials that Ethics CORE contains, one that we might call "certified" or "recommended" materials.

The third strand is highlighting research-based evaluations of educational materials and instructional approaches, both studies we gather and feature on the site as well as further studies we conduct ourselves.

Teach your course within Ethics CORE

We have incorporated Moodle,an open-source course management system, in order to enable instructors to teach courses within the Ethics CORE space. This will assist instructors with designing and populating their courses with materials from the Ethics CORE collection, and facilitate students accessing research and courseware materials from within the same space.

Click here for directions on creating a course.

There is also a space for creating course-related or other educational or professional discussion forums within Ethics CORE.

Click here for directions on creating a discussion forum.