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Ethics CORE for Postdoctoral Scholars

Ethics issues for postdocs can be extraordinarily complex: you already have your Ph.D. but are still participating in research as a mentee and strengthening your leadership skills. Ethics CORE's mission is to centralize information on research ethics in the sciences so that you can easily find materials that will help you learn and address ethics issues that you encounter in this transitional role. Here are some places where you might want to start exploring Ethics CORE:

Additionally, if you register as an Ethics CORE user, you will be able to form discussion groups with other postdocs, connect with university faculty and industry researchers in your field, and contribute ethics materials of your own. The Ethics CORE community can be a resource for you when you have questions, would like to share an insight you have had, or want to learn more about a particular aspect of someone's work.

Links for You

Especially helpful for international scholars:

  • Engineering Ethics 0800, a free online course developed at Texas Tech University specifically for international graduate students